Ultrarunning Academy was founded by professional ultrarunners and coaches Johnny Hällneby and Ellen Westfelt in 2013. The latest addition to the team is Jënni Jalonen, ultrarunner, adventurer and coach.

Together, we have many years of experience coaching other athletes towards setting new National Records, as well as new Personal Bests, in a diverse range of ultra-running and endurance departments. We’re certified running coaches and, when it comes to our own merits, worth mentioning are Johnny’s National Record in 6-day running (880 km) and Ellen’s finishes at UTMB, Diagonale des Fous and Ehunmilak - all 100 mile (160 km) trail races.

Johnny Hällneby, a.k.a. Son of Odin

When running at the NJ Trail Series’ event 3 Days at the Fair in the US in May 2018, Johnny set a new Swedish National Record for 6-days running when he ran 547 miles (880 km). After that, the Americans named him Son of Odin, due to his long red beard and his unyielding perseverance and stamina. And when everyone else took a break hiding in their tents to escape the thunderstorm, the Swedish Viking kept up his strong and never-ending stride around the course, completing lap after lap.

Although multi-day racing is his line of expertise, Johnny has also run several 24-hour races and trail races, meditates daily and is a strong believer of the “fat adaptation diet”. He likes to think of himself as a purely plant-based athlete, and considering most of his meals, this is true. But to make his Bulletproof Coffee, he needs butter (made from dairy!).

Together with his partner Ellen, he founded the Swedish ultrarunning podcast and company Pace on Earth.

Ellen Westfelt

Ellen loves to take on a big challenge, and running doesn’t really get interesting until the finish becomes uncertain. She is a finisher of the UTMB, Le Diagonale des Fous and Ehunmilak, among many other tough 100-mile races. Ellen is not that keen on fighting for the top positions, however — she’s more into the adventure and the personal experience — as well as managing equipment, energy, hydration and mental games in the best way possible.

When it comes to training, Ellen has it all figured out — you don’t need rest days. She’s been on a consecutive runstreak for the past 6 years and, a bit surprisingly, her 20 minutes of running per day is an excellent foundation for ultrarunning training.

Jënni Jalonen

Jënni is not only an experienced running coach fiercely passionate about ultrarunning - she is also a true nature person at heart. She spends as much time outdoors as she possibly can, either running on a technical forest trail, solo camping in the woods, or crossing a glacier on her way to a mountain summit in the Alps. She also recently discovered the fun in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and in her first-ever OCR race, she managed to qualify for both the OCR European and the World Championships.

To Jënni, ultra running is more than just a form of training - it’s a way to connect with nature. She is a strong believer that everything on this Earth is deeply connected and since 15 years back, she eats only plant-based, and dreams of becoming a yoga teacher one day.

The team

Jënni, Ellen and Johnny — the team behind Ultrarunning Academy

Jënni, Ellen and Johnny — the team behind Ultrarunning Academy