This is the best running program I’ve ever followed. I feel strong, rarely stiff or sore. I sometimes think it’s a little too good to be true.
— Lotta Andersson
I can run at the same speed as last summer, except now with a lower heart rate compared to back then when my heart rate reached max levels! Thank you for helping me feel like reaching my goals is possible!
— Madelene Jansson
I feel stronger both mentally and physically. This Sunday I ran a marathon faster than I ever have before (3:49)! I have followed the schedule wholeheartedly and I am so happy with the program!
— Vendela Vinterbäck
Last weekend I ran Göteborgsvarvet and set a personal best on 5, 10 and 21,1 km – without previously having done a single speed session! The low intensity running approach works!
— Rasmus Olsims
I can strongly recommend this program! You get a complete setup for both running exercises and additional training. In short, the best foundation to reach your goals!
— Mattias Lindqvist
Thank you for a great program! Very holistic. I’m very happy that I decided to start the program. It’s given me routine and structure.
— Magdalena Stagreus
Very good training instructions. The program is very far from being just a modified marathon-training program.
— Jonas Olsson
The mental practise throughout the program has given me much new insight and developed my thought patterns.
— Gunilla Kidmark
I love the different themes and the running drills!
— Robin Stenberg
Even though I’m less than halfway through the program, I’ve improved much more than I expected.
— Johan Johansson
I am no longer scared of longer distances. Last November, just the thought of running 88 k made me more scared than excited. Now that has changed and I’ve become more self-confident when it comes to running.
— Peter Reimer
Thank you for a very inspiring program with good, well thought-through exercises and themes!
— Petra Åhl



Are you looking for guidance to become a stronger and better ultrarunner? Or maybe you’re dreaming about trying an ultra for the first time, but don’t exactly know where to start? With our comprehensive training programs, deep knowledge and experience of ultra running, we will help you reach your goal.

Ultra-marathon running is sometimes said to be 50% mental game, 40% energy management and only 10% physical fitness.

From our experience of training hundreds of athletes, and from our own careers in ultrarunning, we believe this to be true in many cases.

To reach your full potential, you need not only to put in the long training hours. You also need to be willing to change some of your beliefs and habits.

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a stronger and more focused version of yourself? If so, we’re here to guide you along the way!