In-depth questions

10 months to ultra

Getting to know yourself and understanding why you make certain choices are two very valuable aspects when it comes to ultra running.

For this reason, we have set up a couple of questions that we would like you to answer. This helps us get to know you a little better, but most of all it helps you get a deeper understanding of yourself as an ultra runner and human being. The time invested in this is valuable, so do think about the questions a little extra before you answer them.

Name *
What was positive? What was negative?
What is having the biggest impact on your development as a runner right now? *
Define 4-8 factors that have an impact on your running performance or your training right now. Tick 4-8 of the boxes below.
Example for the factor "alternative training". 1: I need to find out which type of alternative training makes sense for me. 2: I need to plan it so that it happens (perhaps book a yoga class once a week). 3: I need to realize that it takes time to get the habit in, and that I therefore need to put more energy into really getting the alternative training done in the beginning.
Mentally and/or physically? Injuries, diseases or an abstract feeling that something is not quite right?
Right now, are you doing any other type of exercise other than running?
What would you like to achieve with the coaching program 10 months to ultra? *
Tick the boxes for everything that feels important to you right now.
Describe what your thoughts are when it comes to diet, even if you are not actively following any particular diet philosophy today.
Have you tried any of the below diet philosophies? *
Choose a number on a scale from 0-20. 0-5 means that you are actively planning to work against yourself. 10-12 means that you are ready to make a serious commitment. 19-20 indicates that you would put all other commitments aside to succeed with the project .

There is nothing quite so gentle, deep, and irrational as running — and nothing quite so savage, so wild.
— Bernd Heinrich, Why We Run: A Natural History